Get More out of Your Fitness Program with the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique and Fitness

What are you trying to get out of your fitness program? A fitter, leaner body. More energy. Better overall health. But what you probably want most is peak performance—the ability to get the absolute best out of yourself when everything is at stake.

For more than 100 years, the Alexander Technique has helped athletes and physical fitness fanatics master the secrets of peak performance for better overall results. The Alexander Technique doesn’t replace your training program—it makes it more effective. How? By helping you develop self-awareness of your movement. When you recognize the mental and physical causes of tension in your movement, you can restore the fluidity and grace you need to be at your best. You’ll then be on the road to released energy and easy poise.
When you use the principles of the Alexander Technique as the foundation of your fitness program, you’ll do more than just improve your coordination and avoid injury. You’ll also gain a sense of lightness and effortlessness in your movement. The result? Workouts that leave you feeling energized rather than drained.

How the Alexander Technique Helps Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts Achieve More

To understand how the Alexander Technique can help you get more out of your training, you first need to understand a concept called sensory awareness.
Sensory awareness is the ability to constantly monitor your balance, muscular tension, and movement. With Sherry’s guidance, you can restore and even increase your sensory awareness. That means you can begin to make the changes you need to boost your strength, endurance, and skill.
You may be reading this page because you’ve had to reduce or even give up favorite activities such as golf, tennis, running, or racquetball. Physical stress and pain can make it difficult or impossible to follow strength and conditioning programs. And even those who press on through the pain often lose their enjoyment for physical activity—and can risk causing themselves permanent damage.
If this sounds like you, you’re probably suffering from a simple problem: poor sensory awareness. When youleotard3 exercise or train with stressful tension and faulty posture, it starts to feel normal. Even when your training breaks down your body and causes pain, you persist in doing what you’re used to—and little by little, you lose your energy and your potential for performance.
By learning the Alexander Technique, you can reverse this process. You can move freely and easily without pain, but that’s only the beginning. By retraining your brain to know that speed and accuracy don’t have to involve muscular tension, you open the doors to entirely new levels of physical performance.
Learn more about the connection between fitness and the brain. Or contact Sherry Berjeron to discuss your fitness goals today.

Getting Started with the Alexander Technique

If the Alexander Technique doesn’t replace your fitness program, then what can it do for athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts? Rather than providing you with a series of exercises to do, the Alexander Technique helps you do three things:

  1. Build awareness of your poor postural habits.
  2. Inhibit these self-limiting habits.
  3. Replace these habits with natural muscular movements.

Just imagine the difference these three simple steps could make in your fitness program. The Alexander Technique could enable you to resume activities you previously had to give up. It could restore ease and enjoyment to movements that currently give you pain. It could even catapult you to new levels of athletic excellence.

Orthopedic Surgeon Gives His Approval

“Patients who do not respond satisfactorily to traditional treatment often seem to improve markedly with Alexander training.”

—Stuart Springer MD, Orthopedic surgeon

Golf Is Much More Enjoyable

“Thanks to Sherry’s guidance, I can now hit the golf ball farther. It’s easier for me to turn and rotate my hips, and there’s a decrease in my lower back pain. I have more accuracy hitting the sweet spot on the club. And it’s much easier to push the cart on flat ground or even over small mounds. Overall, the game of golf is much more enjoyable!”

—Shari Irish Pedroncelli, Schoolteacher

Rediscovering Natural Poise in the Body

“I came to study the Alexander Technique (AT) with Sherry Berjeron at the Pacific Institute out of curiosity and out of my intense fascination and interest in the human body. I am a Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist and have been in the yoga, dance and movement industry for over 30 years. The Alexander Technique teaches us to restore the poised connection between the mind and body in movement and stillness.

“As a yoga teacher, I have found that most students are introduced to yoga through the asanas, or physical postures of yoga, and gradually, depending on their commitment to personal practice, become attracted to the effortlessness and calmness that comes with the mind-body-spirit connection of yoga. Yoga reawakens this organic effortlessness, which is intrinsic in all of us. Alexander Technique sessions teach us to re-discover this natural poise within the body, so that with regular practice becomes effortless, and eventually instinctive. This was evidenced in my own course progression, as I incorporated what I learned in my AT sessions into my own personal yoga practice and into my daily life. While I am no longer taking sessions, I feel that what I learned is now my new habit. I also incorporate some of the AT principles into my teaching.

“With commitment and regular practice, results after AT sessions are immediate. For myself, I found that re-thinking and practicing movements we take for granted, such as walking, sitting, standing from a sitting postures, reaching, and turning has decreased the aches and pains in my back and neck. I feel more fluid and move with more ease in my day-to-day activities.

“Sherry is a knowledgeable, experienced, patient and gifted teacher, who makes the principles of learning AT accessible and fun.  She is a true professional, and embodies all that she teaches.  Her approach is kind and encouraging, and she is gentle and supportive in her touch.  Those who have the benefit of studying with her are fortunate, and will experience life-long transformations.”

—Althea Cervantes Moynihan, RN, MPH, E-RYT
Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist

Effortless and Natural Stroke

I have been playing tennis since I was fourteen and played on a high  school and college team. Since availing myself of the Alexander Technique at the Pacific Institute with Sherry and Bruce I have found a more effortless and natural way to stroke the ball. As I have gotten older this process allows less wear and tear on my body and better stroke production. The Alexander Technique is a remarkable means of maximizing your natural, athletic ability in most any endeavor.  I highly recommend it.
     —John Swain

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