Chronic pain

Chronic Body Pain

Are you experiencing chronic back, neck, shoulder, or other pain?

The Alexander Technique could be your path to permanent relief. Watch this video to find out how:

This video focuses on low back pain. But the Alexander Technique can provide you with relief from a wide range of spinal and structural problems. Sherry Berjeron has helped people overcome pain and impaired movement in their necks, backs, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, and feet. And if you suffer from chronic headaches, you can stop reaching for painkillers and start enjoying life fully by eliminating the root cause–neck tension–with Sherry’s expert guidance.

How the Alexander Technique Can Help You Address the Causes of Chronic Pain

With Sherry’s gentle, hands-on guidance, you can:

  • Identify and address the causes of your neck and back pain.
  • Decompress your own spine.
  • Break habits that lead to tension.
  • Minimize your dependence on medications and doctors.
  • Move like you did when you were younger.
  • Handle stress without falling into destructive habits.
  • Find the energy to get you through even the most challenging days.

A Doctor’s Personal Experience

“The degenerative process in my cervical spine had become so serious that my neurosurgeon colleagues recommended an anterior cervical fusion as a solution. I was wearing and tearing my neck from normal life activities. I found  Sherry, Bruce, and the Alexander Technique whose philosophy had instant appeal. Alexander Technique has given me the technology to keep my body functioning optimally without needing any outside professional help or procedures.”

—Robert Moynihan M.D.
Sutter Hospital Sacramento, California

Saving an Art Career by Reducing Stress on the Body

“All of these lessons have helped re-train my body and mind so that I am more fluid in my movements which results in less stress on my body. I truly give full credit to Sherry and the Alexander Technique for not only saving my art career but in making me a better artist and allowing me to continue my passion in life.”

—Kristen Hoard, Sculpturist

Preventing Pain and Injury

“Due to arthritis in my cervical spine, I needed to change my posture and way of moving to relieve stress on my spine and prevent further pain and injury. Sherry’s gentle teaching technique has guided me to make the necessary adjustments and heightened my awareness as I move through the day. I look forward to our sessions—Sherry is a warm and engaging teacher. I am so thankful I discovered Alexander Technique and Sherry Berjeron!”

—Rena Haberfeld, Special Education Teacher/Dance Movement Therapist

Improved Function and Grace

“Sherry’s magical hands in one hour took me from tense mind and body to free and released. My muscle release allowed my mind to be relieved of all tension, a luxury for me. I have been able to maintain this state of well being. I sit and stand taller, have less back pain and have learned how to move to avoid injury. Sherry’s guidance continues to give me improved function and grace.”

—Judy Gordon, 70, Retired nurse

Newfound Poise

“After suffering a herniated disc with excruciating pain, I was introduced to Sherry, an instructor of the Alexander Technique, for pain management. Much to my surprise, I had been compressing my spine, neck, and back over the years and now have the ability to recognize how to balance and move myself much to my comfort and pleasure. There is a newfound poise with regard to my movements that reflect youth rather than aging. As a bonus, I have captured mental poise, opening my eyes and mind to longevity with youth and beauty.”

—Christine Steele, Property Asset Management

No Need for a Pacemaker!

“As a former butterfly swimmer, I developed broad shoulders during my adolescent years. After I stopped swimming at age 18, my broad shoulders developed into slouching severely, which affected my entire body—primarily my hips, upper back, lower back, shoulders, rib cage, and my overall breathing system. Also, I noticed that I had shrunk two inches in overall height. I contacted Sherry Berjeron and asked for her help. I mentioned my atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy, which had occurred 6 months prior, and the possibility of having a pacemaker installed.

“Sherry evaluated my body alignment and set a plan to gradually correct individual sections of my body. She is very thorough but makes frequent checks to make sure I can understand her while we are going through different techniques to improve the way I move. She’s always open for discussion and makes me comfortable. Although Sherry is very observant and often reminds me not to fall back into my former bad habits, our sessions are very relaxing and I look forward to them. I appreciate that Sherry has given me “homework” so that I can keep improving between sessions. She has also tied the Alexander Technique into my skiing, golfing, working out at the gym, hiking, and correcting my mumbling. I feel a lot better, my soreness is gone, I am breathing better (not getting a pacemaker), my energy has improved, and I look and feel younger.

“My awareness of my body alignment and speech has increased dramatically. I definitely would recommend Sherry Berjeron to my family and friends.”

—Shari Irish Pedroncelli, Schoolteacher

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