Work & Live Without Pain- Alexander Technique Book


Eliminate repetitive strain injuries. A guide with principles and procedures to free you from pain in the work place and everyday motion.

“This excellent book describes in clear detail the missing link to solve one of the major ‘epidemics’ of our time- repetitive strain injuries.” -Mayama Morehart, M.D.

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Work and Live Without Pain is Sherry Berjeron’s assembled wisdom from over forty years of teaching the Alexander Technique.  It offers simple stories and procedures that educate its readers into greater awareness of how the mind/body can be misused, and how its functioning can be optimized.  From the book’s focus on preventing and healing Repetitive Strain Injuries, to its applications for peak performance and problems of aging, it gently awakens its readers to the power of the conscious body/mind to improve itself on all levels.

Sherry Berjeron, M.AmSAT, was born to teach the Alexander Technique.  As a student, she quickly recognized the importance of Alexander’s principles for good mind/body use, applied them, and became one of the youngest directors of Alexander teacher training programs in the world.  As the founding director of the Pacific Institute, and now the Moving Younger Institute in Florida, Sherry continues to transmit her deep knowing to potential teachers and to students for all walks and stages of life.


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