Sherry Berjeron Alexander Technique TeacherSherry Berjeron, M.AmSAT has spent 39,000 hours teaching the Alexander Technique, helping people learn to move without pain and experience the use of the body at peak competence and skill. Her work has supported people from all stages and walks of life to claim their freedom from a wide range of difficulties, including repetitive strain injuries from work or play, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, growth problems and even aging.

Before training to teach the Alexander Technique, Sherry attended the Boston Conservatory and the Bat Dor-Dance Academy in Israel, where she trained and performed as a professional dancer. Sherry took her first Alexander Technique lesson in Tel Aviv, quickly realizing its potential. As she followed its principles, even her childhood scoliosis resolved.

Sherry became an Alexander Technique teacher in 1977 and was the youngest director of Alexander Teacher Training anywhere in the world by 1985. In her 40-year career, she has been the Founding Director of the Pacific Institute for the Alexander Technique, one of the few accredited Alexander Technique schools in North America, and trained Alexander Technique teachers for over 25 years.

She co-authored the book Working Without Pain: Eliminate Repetitive Strain Injuries with Alexander Technique, the 2017 revised edition now available on Amazon. Sherry also served on the Board of Directors for a national Alexander Technique organization, American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) West, from 1980-1982, and lectured at universities, for private businesses and departments of state government.

Sherry has taught Alexander Technique in private practice, doctor’s offices, and medical pain clinics (such as Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco), helping patients recover from injuries and overcome chronic pain and stress disorders. She held classes for pregnant women, worked with musicians and singers, and collaborated with artists and therapists (such as the New Arts Foundation).

Her experience ranges from teaching equestrian and Western riders, where she assisted in certification for Centered Riding, to collaborating with teachers and practitioners of meditation, yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other mind/body/spirit practices. She loves helping artists, musicians, dancers, and athletes to move and express themselves better, as well as baby boomers seeking freedom of movement throughout their elderhood.

In her spare time, Sherry, at 64, lifts weights and passionately teaches the Argentine tango.