The Alexander Technique Wooden Horse


When the legs are free the head-neck-spine organizes so easily.
Once this organization is established the spinal muscles strengthen.

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The Alexander Technique Wooden Horse

Many people lock their knees when standing, stiffen their ankles and, in effect, jam their legs back into their pelvis.  The long-term effect of this habit is that the legs become ‘glued’ to the pelvis and function as though they are one unit.  This, in turn, undermines good head-neck-spine coordination, and becomes one of the major causes of chronic back problems.

I have found that using an Alexander tool called the ‘horse’ helps students better sense their legs, free up their leg joints and ‘unglue’ their legs from their torso.  When this is accomplished, often chronic back and neck problem resolve.

I was told that F. M. Alexander initially developed the horse for a young girl with spina bifida who was unable to sit in a chair.  As he saw how easy it was for her to organize her Primary Control seated on the horse, he decided to use it with many of his students.

Although it is not commonly part of the repertoire of Alexander teachers today, I rediscovered the horse while working with equestrians and have found it invaluable as a teaching tool.  If you are a teacher of the Alexander Technique, I highly recommend it!

Three different styles of the horse are available.  One of these is a horse designed for maintaining one’s Primary Control while working at a computer, watching television or playing video games.   A manual and a video outlining my unique four-stage teaching procedure will be available for purchase soon.

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