Mind/Body Connection


Improve Your Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, and Meditation Practices

There’s a need for a new relationship between the mind and the body. Being present, balanced, in the moment, centered, and poised are terms that are used by Alexander students expressing how they feel during and after a lesson. The uniqueness that the Alexander Technique offers is a practical method that teaches you how to connect your Mind/Body in every moment in your life. Focus: Broad focus where awareness of the self enhances awareness of the environment.

With Alexander Technique, the student connects awareness of self with what s/he is involved with.During the process of learning how to be in the moment an Alexander lesson the second you step out of the moment your teacher sees it, feels it, and know this immediately.

There are many different practices to help teach you the Skill of presence. Tai-chi, Yoga, meditation, contemplation, and many more. We have found that many students are amazed how their other practice of Presence studies improves rapidly, effortlessly when they apply the Alexander Technique principles of Awareness, Inhibition, and Direction.

“I originally sought the Alexander Technique as a method of
preventing knee injury so prevalent to tai chi martial artists. In the process of learning the Alexander Technique, I gained much, much more. With Sherry’s skillful guidance, depth of knowledge and healing touch, my practice of tai chi has improved tenfold. The Alexander Technique isn’t just about body mechanics, it is about cultivating a deep sense of personal awareness and presence that ultimately enhances ease of movement, balance of mind and body, and spiritual centeredness.”

—Eunice Cerezo

“Learning the Alexander Technique has been a wonderful support for my spiritual practice. The techniques are an assist to bring me into the present moment and experience the sensation of the body. When I find that my back is aching I know that I have given myself up to end-gaining or have been lost in the future or in the past. Disciplining myself to pause before doing something reinforces my efforts to stay in the here and now. Also, Sherry adjusted my meditation posture so that I can sit comfortably for as long as I want with no back strain.”

—Patricia Prendergast

Better Mind-Body Connection

“The Alexander Technique has helped me deal better with life by giving me tools and positive feedback to keep from running out of breath and losing my voice. In working with Sherry Berjeron, I gained confidence in carrying myself, and a better connection between mind and body. With the better mind-body connection, I utilize Alexander Technique tools much better and am open to my spiritual nature.”

—Janet Barnett, Coordinator, Technical Reference Center, CalTrans

The aim is to return to the natural ease and poise which were our rightful inheritance as a small child.

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