Move, look, and feel younger through the principles of the Alexander Technique

End chronic pain, improve poise and postural coordination, and achieve peak performance with the Alexander Technique

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If you’re suffering from chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain, don’t just accept it as a part of life. Don’t assume you’ll have to manage the pain indefinitely with whatever methods you can find. And don’t think you’re destined for medication and surgery.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that your athletic performance isn’t everything you wish it could be, don’t call yourself a failure. And don’t assume you’ve received bad coaching.

If you’re a performing artist who wants to create and express on a whole new level, but injuries and discomfort are holding you back, don’t settle for your second-best. And don’t believe people who tell you that taking time off is the only way to heal.

You do have another option. You can learn to move younger through the principles of the Alexander Technique.

Remember the way you moved as a child? If you could move like that today, you wouldn’t feel pain from the activities you love. The Alexander Technique is a unique method of re-education that teaches you to move younger once again by improving your most basic postural coordination.

Alexander Technique teachers have helped countless people prevent and recover from repetitive strain injuries, chronic back pain, and other ailments for over 120 years. Sherry Berjeron has spent 40 years using gentle, hands-on guidance to help students like you rediscover the freedom of movement you once had.

The Moving Younger Institute can help you discover the causes of your physical ailments and discomforts so that you can spend less time in pain and get more out of life. You’ll feel empowered by the fact that since the cause of your discomfort is often your own behavior, the solution is to simply change your behavior! And along the way, you’ll discover a poise and presence that helps you be your best in any situation, no matter how stressful.

Regaining a Youthful, Elegant Poise

“I was a bodybuilder in my younger years, and I’m heavily into fitness and stretching. When I first came to Sherry for Alexander Technique, it was an eye-opener to see how out of balance my body was. Sherry helped me break up my bad habits so that I could regain an elegant, youthful poise. She helped me achieve balance on the inside, too. After a few months, I felt strong enough to scale back my anti-depressant, and I eventually stopped altogether. Thanks to Sherry, I’m more aware of how to control my responses to life and rediscover my more conscious, collected self.”

—Ava Field, Vice President of a major Wall Street firm
Second Place Winner, International Natural Body Building Federation

Awakening Natural Use of the Body

“Learning the Alexander Technique with the skillful guidance of Sherry Berjeron has given me a deepening experience of awareness, as well as contributing to my physical ease and balance. Because I practice and teach mindfulness, the Alexander Technique’s invitation to pause and notice each moment has been invaluable in helping me reconnect with my body in a way missing since childhood. Sherry has opened my eyes to unconscious habits of standing, sitting, reaching, and walking that have developed over years. Through her keen observations and gentle touch, she is able to awaken the natural use of my body, free to move with vitality as I enter my ‘senior’ years.”

—Helen Hobart, CQSW, MSW, Board Certified Chaplain (interfaith)

Looking Slimmer without Losing Weight!

“After just several sessions, I had greatly corrected my posture and the back pain had disappeared altogether! Most importantly, my attitude was substantially improved. Friends were admiring my weight loss although I hadn’t lost any weight and asked if I was ‘working out’. The Alexander Method extends beyond just physical stature. My favorite past time is tango dancing and by applying the techniques to tango, my dance improved to a point I began receiving complements from highly accomplished and very beautiful women on how well I was dancing!”

—David Graybill, Telecommunications Engineer